• Image of 秀吉/Hideyoshi
  • Image of 秀吉/Hideyoshi
  • Image of 秀吉/Hideyoshi
  • Image of 秀吉/Hideyoshi

The Hideyoshi is a tri-metal design composed of a light 7075 aluminum body, a dense steel outer ring, and an even denser brass inner ring. The balance and weight distribution achieved through the combination of all these different materials gives the Hideyoshi a completely new feel unlike anything on the market. I

One of the benefits of multimetal designs is that you can accomplish weight distributions that aren't physically possible in a monometal design. While this is also true of bimetal yo-yos, trimetal design provides a whole new potential of feeling and balance.



Body/ボディ: Aluminum 7075/A7075
Rings/リング: Stainless Steel and Brass/ステンレススティールと真ちゅう
Weight/重さ: 63.6 grams
Width/幅: 44mm
Diameter/直径: 56mm
Response/リスポンス: IRPads
Bearing Size/ベアリングサイズ: Terrapin Delta DryPlay size C bearings/テラピンデルタ ドライプレイ サイズCベアリング

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